Top 3 Power BI report sharing challenges identified by ChatGPT

ChatGPT describes Power BI sharing challenges

Top 3 Power BI report sharing challenges identified by ChatGPT Artificial intelligence is seen as potential breakthrough in finding solutions to our business challenges, but how well does it know the issues we face? We decided to get very direct and ask ChatGPT about how well it knows the challenges relating to sharing Power BI […]

Get Started with Binokula Instant

Binokula Instant

Get Started with Binokula Instant Stellar Consulting Group launched Binokula Instant to help speed up the process of empowering businesses with analytics and BI capabilities. Small and medium-sized organizations will be able to distribute to their business partners analytics dashboards and reports built with Power BI, even if they don’t use Power BI Service. This […]

Binokula & Power BI Row-Level Security

Power BI and Binokula Security

The Power of Binokula & Power BI Row-level Security This article explains how to configure the simple and powerful feature Row-Level Security, which can be used to create a more granular level of security for analytics dashboards and reports.  Binokula offers several options to structure security around your reports, where you can create user and […]

Binokula Support Portal

Binokula Support Portal This article explains what support options are available for Binokula subscribers and how the Binokula Support Portal works.  When you become a Binokula subscriber, you will have access to the Binokula Support Portal. Through this portal, you can raise questions and requests, report bugs and suggest new features and improvements. Binokula Admin […]