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Binokula Instant

Stellar Consulting Group launched Binokula Instant to help speed up the process of empowering businesses with analytics and BI capabilities

Small and medium-sized organizations will be able to distribute to their business partners analytics dashboards and reports built with Power BI, even if they don’t use Power BI Service. This means that partners such as suppliers, sales reps, distributors, field service and shareholders will be able to take advantage of data and insights to make business decisions. 

Binokula Instant is a web portal that allows you to share Power BI reports with non-Power BI users in a simple, secure, and scalable manner. With Binokula Instant you count with the same functionalities of Binokula Enterprise, however, you don’t need Power BI service or Power BI administration skills because all administration of users, user and report groups, permissions and report upload happen within Binokula Instant. 

Binokula Instant is offered through the Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource, so organizations can start small with just a few users, scale up as needed and keep full control of their subscription and billing. 

How to subscribe to Binokula Instant on Azure Marketplace 

To subscribe you need a Microsoft Azure account with access to an appropriate Azure subscription. This subscription will be used for billing and for compartmentalization of your purchased cloud resources. To learn more about Azure subscriptions, see Create an Additional Azure subscription. 

You will need also permission to purchase from Azure Marketplace. 

Click here to see the product page and plans available. 

How to subscribe to Binokula Instant on Microsoft AppSource 

Similar to the process in Azure, in order to subscribe you need a Microsoft account with a valid payment method, then you find the Bunokula Instant app and purchase it by following the steps. 

Click here to see the product page and plan. 

If you want to know more about Binokula Instant or would like a demo, please contact us.

Binokula Instant: new launch

Securely share your Power BI reports externally today with Binokula Instant.

Visit the AppSource and/or Azure Marketplace store to install.
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