How it works​

Binokula enables simple, secure and scalable report sharing across your entire business network.

Binokula is a web portal designed to help organizations empower their business partners, customers and even the community at large with analytics and insight so they can make better decisions anytime, anywhere.

Connect Binokula to a workspace in your Power BI Service

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Easy access: Users only need a browser.  No need to install any software.  No need for a Power BI Pro or Power BI Free license.

Control data access: Different users can view the same report, but Row-Level-Security (RLS) restricts them to only view their data.

Broaden your audience: Authorised users can share an interactive report with an associate by emailing them a ‘report link’.

Users can use any device: View Power BI reports natively on Mac and iOS devices

Monitor report utilisation: Track and report on who accesses what reports over time. 

Communicate as your organisationWhite-label your Binokula login screen and invite email

Simple sign-on for users: Authentication can use internal Binokula login or Microsoft single-sign-on (SSO).

Embed within your existing applications: Your web portal can display reports using the Binokula API.  Binokula provides the authentication and access structure. ​

Share Power BI reports with ease.

Binokula enables simple, secure and scalable report sharing across your entire business network.

How it works

Try our live interactive report

Binokula Test Drive

Get a hands-on experience of Binokula. Granted free access to a Binokula-hosted system pre-configured with demonstration data, reports, and users to highlight the power of sharing insights. Assess if this is right for you, with support from our team on exploring report sharing further.

Binokula Consult

Binokula appeals to both business and IT professionals looking to share insights across a range of their own unique business ecosystems. Book a personal meeting with one of our experts for a walk-through of Binokula and how-to advice on enabling this in your business.  

Binokula Production Trial

Use your reports and your users and get ready for production. Binokula is live in your environment, utilising a Power BI Workspace and Embedded capacity.​ ​ You will receive:​ Instructions on preparing your Power BI​ Support from our team on integration and use of Binokula ​ ​ This is a production implementation - or proof of concept - so if your trial is successful you may continue using Binokula without any disruption.

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Binokula Instant: new launch

Securely share your Power BI reports externally today with Binokula Instant.

Visit the AppSource and/or Azure Marketplace store to install.
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