Improved integration of Binokula with your existing applications

The Binokula API enables you to integrate your interactive reports into your existing applications. It provides some great opportunities, and these are outlined in this previous post

A new feature in the Binokula API now enables you to better manage changes between reports and your applications. Previously, when publishing a new version of a report, the internal Power BI ‘ReportId’ would change, and this would require you to update the ReportId in your applications.

Now in Binokula, a customer ‘Report Reference’ can be assigned to a report, and your applications can refer to this reference when requesting a report to be displayed. This removes the burden of updating your applications whenever there is a change to the Power BI internal ‘ReportId’.     

This also enables your applications to have abstracted references to reports.  For example, your applications can refer to ‘financials-current-year’ and Binokula will display the report that you have assigned to this reference ‘financials-2022’. 

This Report Reference feature is only activated for a customer account on request. If you would like to try this feature, please contact Binokula SupportFor technical information please refer to our Binokula Developer Guide.

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