Create a seamless ‘interactive report’ experience for your users with Binokula

Add Power BI ‘interactive reports’ to your existing applications and delight your users. Binokula includes an API (application programming interface) that enables your applications to interact with Binokula.

This enables a user to click on a button in your application and have either:

  • their Power BI interactive report automatically open inside your application’s web page.  Binokula automatically handles the sign-on authentication with Microsoft single-sign-on (SSO).  JavaScript samples are provided for your web application developers, and ‘mobile device reports’ are supported.
  • a new Binokula session automatically open in a new tab and their report displayed.  Binokula automatically handles authentication and they have access to all Binokula functions including printing a ‘snapshot to PDF’.    

Do you have a large number of users to administer?  The Binokula API also enables you to add, update and delete users in Binokula.  You can write scripts for bulk processing of users, or fully integrate user administration into you existing applications.

For more technical information relating to Binokula APIs, please visit our Binokula Developer Guide section:

If you need advice and support, please contact our team, to help make report accessing and viewing as seamless as possible.

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