What is a Power BI Embedded Node and why do I need one?  

Power BI from Microsoft – part of the Power Platform suite – allows organisations to create rich interactive reports that empower users to gain deep insights into their organisation operations. Many organisations are familiar with the Power BI Pro (or Premium) desktop development process and the ability to upload reports into the Power BI Service so they can be shared.

The Power BI Service is provided as part of the Power BI Pro (or Premium) licences and provides everything required to share reports to users inside your organisation.  This includes the compute resources required to render the interactive reports, known as ‘shared capacity’.  

Building a truly data-driven organisation requires your Power BI interactive reports to be shared with internal and external users. Power BI Embedded is an Azure resource that provides the necessary compute resource (nodes) to render your reports as your users interact with them.

Binokula works with a Microsoft product ‘Power BI Embedded’ to enable you to share reports with who and however you want.  Binokula is a SaaS product that makes report sharing simple, secure, and scalable. 

Binokula and Power BI together provide a very cost-effective solution for your report sharing requirements. The benefits of a solution that uses a Power BI Embedded node are: 

1. Dedicated computing power

Why share capacity when you can deliver beautifully rendered dashboards and reports with speed and reliability at scale.

2. Manage your node costs directly  

Investment in Power BI Embedded is approximately $1 USD per hour. Since you host your Power BI Embedded node, you can turn it on and off with Azure.  Retain control of report access times ensuring capacity is available exactly when needed.  

3. Ensuring information is safely stored and shared 

All your data is stored securely within your Azure environment. 

4. Share new reporting capability externally with key stakeholders

Binokula lets you share your insights with the world. Take your Power BI capability further. 

Find out how Binokula makes it simple, secure, and scalable. Free trial offer. 

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