Exceptional Toyota customer experience with Binokula

Toyota Prius

Toyota NZ is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan and sells new Toyota and Lexus vehicles as well as used vehicles, parts and service. Key operation locations are at the National Customer Centre in Palmerston North, Vehicle Operations in Thames and a Port of Entry facility and Corporate Sales Office in Auckland.

The Challenge

The focus of Toyota New Zealand (TNZ) was to deliver an exceptional experience to Customers by providing easy and secure access to Power BI analytics, reporting and visualisations to stores. TNZ was searching for a cost-effective service to allow self-managed insights. This requirement was further amplified by the current COVID challenge impacting deliveries between Japan and New Zealand. TNZ were building intelligence on delivery data and needed to provide more transparency to the Stores. Customers needed the information on when their vehicles would be available.

The Solutions

The improvement of the Customer Experience was completed through the Binokula tool visibility of when vehicles will be available for delivery to Customers. Binokula became a new store facing reporting portal enabling easy access to TNZ maintained and managed Business Intelligence reports. Up to 50 approved users can interact and drill into information for personal in-depth reviews. Binokula is the platform TNZ use to provide dealerships with useful Business Intelligence content that ultimately drive useful insights and improve performance.

“The adoption from the stores of the servic was really good. Binokula is very effective and easy to pick up at the same time”, says Michael Shepherd, TNZ’s BI, Data & Applications, Business Technology Manager. “Before we started with Binokula, the Stores used to receive manual reporting in Excel or PDF every month which caused a lot of delays in communication. The set-up of Binokula as a solution was very quick and extremely easy to roll out”, continues Michael.

“Stellar provided us with the right tool to meet business requirements,” adds James Denholm, TNZ’s Business Intelligence Analyst. Now Binokula is for TNZ a cost-effective, efficient way to get insights to third parties daily.

 Binokula removed a lot of manual reporting and provided timely communications. Customers are satisfied knowing what is happening to their vehicle, as well as the dealers being informed on their performance.

“Stellar is not only a vendor but a partner. They are part of everything we do. They were very innovative about Binokula and easily found an effective solution for us,” concludes Michael.


  • Customer experience
  • Transparency
  • Cost-saving
  • Self-service – the stores can prepare reports by themselves
  • Consistency – the same reporting at the same time
  • Efficiency – BI report that can be trusted

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