Share Power BI reports with investors

Binokula helps investors understand how your business is performing, so you can work together to build success.

If you’ve got investors in your business, you know it’s crucial to keep them informed on business performance, industry trends and strategic opportunities.

Binokula lets your investors see how your business is doing, in as much detail as they choose, without requiring you to spend hours compiling reports. It lets your investors see where they can help you – and where they can leave you to manage.

Manually generating hundreds or even thousands of reports, and then distributing them as static files via email, is inefficient and doesn’t allow your investors to dig deeper into the data that’s relevant to them.

As well, email isn’t always secure, which is a special concern when sending sensitive business data outside your firewall. With Binokula, your investors access their reports by logging into a secure portal.

Binokula helps your investors help you.

Binokula is designed for organizations facing issues like these:

  • I know which reports I need to get out but I am not sure where to begin.
  • Our data is locked down and the IT people are not making it easy for me to share.
  • It’s taking too much effort to manually create reports and send them to my affiliates.
  • I have hundreds of affiliates to share reports with. Our current system doesn’t scale!

Free trial offer

  • Build and publish your first report within a day
  • Change and add new reports immediately
  • Know your data is secure
  • Have users in your network log in with their own email address
  • Schedule data refreshes